Our firm is engaged in offering Poly coated Cup Stock paper , Poly coated Kraft paper , Poly coated Poster paper , Poly coated Maplitho paper, Polycoated Chrome Paper etc. The Polyethylene coating on the different types of paper protects the product packed from moisture, grease, dirt and gives it heat sealability. Thus the product packed will have a longer shelf life and good hygiene.

Today the packaging industry is modernized with the latest manufactured products. One such is Poly Coated Paper, which has become a prominent part of the growing paper industry.

Polyethylene coating on various kinds of paper protect the product from any kind of harm. With properties like heat stability, resistant against moisture, grease or dirt, our product offer longer shelf life and good hygiene. There are different kinds of Polycoating that are used for processing like gloss finish, matte finish, etc.

Due to their wide characteristics, they are used in paper cups , paper plates , confectionery packaging, interleaving paper, sugar and salt pouches, surgical glove pouches, vomit bags, soap wrappers and food packing pouches.

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